Virtual Mining PK
game platform
based on blockchain technology

We will launch various types of blockchain games in the future.

And will launch a validated SDK tool.
SDK is unlimited and open source for game developers,support iOS,Android,H5,PC,Mac.

And we will soon launch
the first Game Market platform
in the world based on blockchain technology.

Rocket Chat apps

blockchain GameSDK

By combining SDK products, which represent blockchain capabilities, with traditional online game developers and operators to transform hundreds of millions of game players worldwide into blockchain gamers.

The SDK products are permanently free to game users and game developer, and the partners can obtain a certain amount of profit sharing in the digital currency according to the profit increasing. With the establishment of a dedicated digital token fund, we will with excellent game development partners worldwide to advance the online game blockchain process.

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Game Marketplace

By providing users with secure, reliable, cross-game, cross-platform game asset trading services, we will charge transaction fee as a profit.

The Game Assets Marketplace will be the first to run on Ethereum’s official network and will work with several well-known blockchain game operators to jointly advance the blockchain of game assets.

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Web, Desktop & Mobile

For all platforms

You can take VMPK platform anywhere with our web, desktop & mobile SDKS.


Slots Online

The Best blockchain slots game in the world


Texas Holdem Poker (Coming soon)

Texas Hold'em Poker.



Monopoly (Coming soon)




Trusted capability

We will make public all core random numbers of the running games in the platform. The numbers are used to ensure justness. These numbers include the game reward probability, random accesses to the game, values for player matching balance, etc. Core data is completely open and transparent. In contrast with traditional games’ server-side data manipulation, We has innovatively introduced Oraclize (external information intermediary) to generate random numbers. Data is transmitted through the encrypted channels to achieve true justness. Meanwhile, We uses the open and transparent nature of the blockchain to export the digital assets in blockchain, and discloses the integrity and uniqueness, to make game's digital asset blockchain-based and support just trade.


Safety ability

We only needs users to enter their Ethereum wallet addresses to bet on the games by depositing from their wallets. The entire betting process does not require the user to provide any private key or password. Therefore, no sensitive information of user accounts will remain on your computer or browser, and no such information will be transmitted over the network. This will achieve the highest level of safety and security. We uses HTTPS protocol, the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol, to encrypt and transmit information using secure channels. It has the functions of authentication, information encryption and integrity verification, which can effectively prevent the risks of eavesdropping, tampering and hijacking of information. All the virtual assets or digital currencies involved in the platform are stored and exchanged on the chain by using blockchain technology, which fully protects the user's funds and assets.


Smooth game experience

We is based on Ethereum for development, but mere Ethereum Dapp has slow transaction speed and cannot meet the needs of large-scale, graphical and multi-player online games. Therefore, We team fully utilizes its rich experience in the field of platform construction and adopts the method of 'deep coupling'. Information that does not affect justness is constructed in a traditional way. Core data is processed through smart contract in the blockchain. The two seamlessly coordinate and combine, so as to achieve both guaranteed justness and perfectly smooth gaming experience.

Powerful APIs

Multi-terminal, multi-language support

Currently We are mainly in English. Korean, Japanese and other language versions will be soon available online in order to meet the needs of users in different regions. At the same time, we will continue to launch multi-terminal support, including: WEB, mobile APP (IOS, ANDROID), and PC.

Data Importers

Multi-virtual currency support

We uses ETH as the basic platform currency. After completion of ICO, it will support its own platform token (PK Token), and other mainstream virtual currencies subsequently. At the same time, due to the globalized characteristics of VMPK.COM and the regulatory compliance requirements in different countries and regions, VMPK.COM does not support the top- up and circulation of fiat currency in any country. We will also establish a new token issuance mechanism. For new tokens applying for circulation, they will only be approved after they are fully evaluated based on their blockchain asset usage among the platform users and their security.


Openness capability

For connecting with traditional online game developers, the revolutionary changes brought by the blockchain technology will be used to the innovative product—VMPK SDK, for hundreds of millions of game users, which will be firstly introduced on the VMPK.COM Open Platform.